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Ayurveda Massages

(Oil Massage)

Full basic massage with warm, medicinal Ayurvedic oil. In addition to relaxing, this treatment also has a strong therapeutic effect. Ensures, among other things, a good circulation of blood and lymphs, and reduces the feeling of stress. Removes toxins from the body and muscles are stimulated by the rhythmic movements.

60min - 60€
90min - 85€
Abhyanga + Marma (90min) - 90€
Abhyanga + Shirodhara (90min) - 105€

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(Pressure Point)

This very special therapie stimulates the vital energy points in the body. Gentle pressure is applied to these so called marma points. It is very effective for complaints such as insomnia, migraines, chronic headaches, and stress related issues. This therapy is done with clothes on.

45min - 55€
60min - 62,50€
Abhyanga + Marma (90min) - 90€

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(Oil Pouring for the Head)

A steady stream of medicinal oil is gently poured over the forehead. This therapy is used in the treatment of sleeping problems, migrains, stress, sinus cavities, allergies, psychosis, memory disorders, burn out. Provides relief from from skin diseases and psoriasis.

45min - 55€
60min - 65€
Abhyanga + Shirodhare (90min) - 105€
Abhyanga + Shirodhara + Marma (120min) - 145€

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(Srub/Detox Massage)

An Ayurvedic detox scrub massage with a specific herbal paste made from selected herbs and minerals in combination with medicinal oil. This makes the skin glow and removes dead skin cells and makes the skin soft,supple, and improves muscle function. It also improves blood circulation and relieves joint pain, and helps with cellulite and fat reduction. Its highly recommended to combine this treatment with Swedana (Steam). Together with swedana, this works escpecially well as a detox treatment. Very suitable for use after chemotherapy or anesthesia to get rid of chemical toxins.

60min - 70€ (excl. Swedana)
80min - 85€ (incl. Swedana)
3 Days (80min incl. Swedana) - 235€

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(Deep Tissue)

A deep tissue massage is escpecially used for muscle and bone abnormalities. Optimal relaxation is achieved through special techniques and movements for the deeper muscles. It reduces chronic pain and improves blood pressure fluctuations. Also effective in sports, both before and after exercise. Repairs damaged muscles and tissues.

60min - 60€
Swedana + Thalodal (80min) - 75€

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(Indian Head Massage)

In this massage the head, neck and face are massages with the aim of stimulating the energy channels and removing blockages. Negative energy in these channels can cause illness, as physical and mental complaines such as stress and pain can develop. Also a deep relaxing effect.

40min - 45€
Head + Foot Massage (60min) - 60€

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(Foot Massage)

A natural healing proces based on the foot reflex points and balancing te chakras. This deep relaxing foot massage reduces tension, improves circulation and restores the body's natural function, by working on the reflexpoints aswell.

40min - 40€
Head + Foot Massage (60min) - 60€
Foot + Leg Massage (60min) - 60€

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Pregnancy massage is good for better blood circulation, prevent stretch marks,clean and improve lymph vessels, digestion and bowel movements. Regular massage can increase the chance of a smooth delivery. Its important that the future mother takes good care of herself, and feel happier, both physically and psychologically.

60min - 60€

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A detox program is always personally tailored to what is needed. The 3 and 5 days programma also includes nutritional advice for during the detox days.

Abhyanga + Marma + Shirodhara + Swedana (140min) - 160€
3 Days Detox Combination of Several Treatments (3x 140min) - 390€
5 Days Detox Combination of Several Treatments (5x 140min) - 540€

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